This is a quick WordPress site that I have thrown together as I keep finding ( and losing) really helpful study skills resources for my PHD Studies. I was trying to keep them over on my main blog but think that it would be more helpful to try and keep them all self-contained on a separate blog.

I have called it The Happy Part Time  PHD Blog 🙂  because I’m doing my PHD part time (and am self funded) and this is my attempt at getting myself organised and keeping myself happy !

Although there are loads of helpful resources out there,   I keep forgetting where I have put them so this is my attempt at curating them all together in one place. So this is just my attempt at pulling them together so that I can find what I am looking for and spend less time wandering around the internet getting sucked into rabbit holes when I am supposed to be PHD’ing ….

Although it is a site that will focus on things that I find helpful and this may not be the case for different areas, I thought that others may find it helpful, so am making it available. I will write a separate blog post with each thing that I come across and explain why I found it helpful. These can be found on the Resources Tab.

If you know of any other helpful resources please let me know so that I can include them. Also, if you have found this helpful please do let me know !

Incidentally,  what I have found though is that there seems to be a lot of stuff around for those doing PHD’s full time and not so much for us Part Timers 😦 so if you are doing yours on a Part Time basis please get in touch I would love to hear from you !

Easiest way to find me is on twitter @debbaff


Happy PhD’ing folks …

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